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Oh Mama

Food… good food that is… comes very easily here in Kuwait…

You can’t deny we have really good taste buds…

Slider Station is one of those reaallly good food places that exists…

They have created a slider just for the new president elect… It’s called the “Obama” (what else would it be called)… it’s a little on the spicy side chiken with some buffalo sauce and jalapenos…


So the waiter asks my friend: “So ma’am hows the president?”

my friend answers: “HOOOOT”

Well you have to admit… he kinda is;p



This short holiday has scared all my friends… it scared them so much that they all decided to flee outside of the country and leave me here all alone..

and so I decided to get me a new friend..

I introduce to you…

baby orchid…dsc03681

I’ve decided that baby orchid will come everywhere with me to fill the emptiness…

my niece thinks it’s crazy… I think it’s cool…

3eedkom imbarak;*


Sometimes its ok to worry…

and sometimes its  fun to just let go…


Worth every calorie…


Around the block

My first attempt at being active was quite successful although we started a little late;p

Our initial plan was to walk everyday for an hour 8 o’clock PM SHARP!

So my nephew came to me at 8:30 and was like ” umm aren’t we supposed to do that thing?”

Me: “weeeeee I totally forgot!!”

Nephew: “me too”

8:35 left the house to walk

Me: I blogged about our walking thing

Nephew: did you write about my reaction?

Me: no..

Nephew: oh… ok

so we started our walk half an hour late but I have to say it was rewarding… special bonding time with my favorite nephew whom I know will read this *wink wink*..

No seriously I hope we continue epecially since the weather last night was AMAZING!!



My current obsession is the intriguing book Twighlight… I’m in LOVE with the main character… which is hard to believe just because I’m not the fiction type of gal… and in this story the main character, Edward, is a vampire!… I’m more into things that are real… but there is just something about this book!!

anyway I just finished the first part (ako 4 parts)… and have started the second part of the story (New Moon)… I heard that the story goes downhill after the second part… but so far so good and I’m still head over heels in love with Edward… yes the vampire;p

I just think that for those of you who want a break from the T.V shows… or just a good read… I definitely think you should read the book… and meet my Edward;p

Turkish Delight

My quick getaway to Istambul was amazing.

Thanks to this trip I now want to write a book called “how to sleep in a tiny airplane seat for dummies”… its harder than it sounds believe me!…ooh especially while the chair partition is jammed into your ribs…

anyway… besides the airplane ride the trip was great… I think the pictures should do all the talking

Noor’s House (lets just say the camera adds 10 pounds, cuz the house was tiny!!)

Always started the morning with Turkish coffee

and ended it with Turkish tea…

“la la manabii dessert…” before…


whats Turkey without some Turkish delights?

 sooo much history (Topkapi Palace)

 13 year to build…a master piece (Dolmabahce Palace)

cake made out of gold… 1000$ a piece… umm nooo we didn’t try it!

 Great gardens at the Four Seasons

 The Blue Mosque

Treasures to find at the local bazaar

Definitely… a see you soon kind of country… LOVED IT!

The Zip Code










Something that I have been looking forward to watching is the new 90210.. I used to love that show when I was younger… and was sooo happy when I heard that they were bringing life back to that forgotten zip code… and what’s great about it is that some of the old cast will guest star!

I already saw the first two episodes and I can say that they are not a disaster, and I will keep watching… when I heard the intro music of the show I got goosebumps! ooo shwaya i5nigatni il 3abra;p.. it reminded me of old times;p… It made me feel old;p

I think this is a good show if you’re looking for something new to watch… I personally love watching something new because you meet new characters and its all exciting and fun;p

The old cast: (seriously the hair and fashion was just fab don’t u think?!;p)








The new cast: (farg ha?)