How do you know that when you’ve chosen something you’ve made the right choice?

or will we never know?

or do we just hope that the choice we’ve made is the right one?

or do we wait until something happens (if something happens) that sort of tells us?

or what?

how do we know?


9 responses to “Choices

  1. hmmm… i guess it feels good when we choose it!

    or maybe we’ll never know ;p

  2. we never know…
    we just wait it out and see 😉

  3. i second dandoon.. it just feels right..

  4. u think u make the choice
    welbaji 3ala allah

  5. Anon: maybe;p

    DanDooon: alright then wait and see;p

    Journal Entry: yeah it should feel right..

    eshda3wa: yeah I guess so

  6. in my case, i don’t know, it just feels sooooo good, but sometimes, i call my person which will either make me feel confident or not about it

  7. u do ur best, and wish for the best.. and see how it goes.. if its right.. is probably gonna make it to ur future.. if not.. then it was never meant to be.. or wasn’t for you.. i guess! lol

  8. i think after a while, you ask your self a couple of questions…
    “am i happy with my choice? do i still feel like i’m missing something? do i want more? do i want less? how do i see myself in 10 years?”…
    and that’s how u know i guess.. taking a chance or committing to a change is not evaluated that quickly…

  9. karamilah: I guess I’ve got to get me a person;p

    FB: i guess so too;p

    Peony: that is true… wish for the best I guess:)

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