Around the block

My first attempt at being active was quite successful although we started a little late;p

Our initial plan was to walk everyday for an hour 8 o’clock PM SHARP!

So my nephew came to me at 8:30 and was like ” umm aren’t we supposed to do that thing?”

Me: “weeeeee I totally forgot!!”

Nephew: “me too”

8:35 left the house to walk

Me: I blogged about our walking thing

Nephew: did you write about my reaction?

Me: no..

Nephew: oh… ok

so we started our walk half an hour late but I have to say it was rewarding… special bonding time with my favorite nephew whom I know will read this *wink wink*..

No seriously I hope we continue epecially since the weather last night was AMAZING!!


7 responses to “Around the block

  1. i know!
    the weather 7adda 3ajeeb!

    bs i have no one to walk with, which has left me conveniently not walking ;Pp

  2. shino kanat his reaction ?? ;p

    o dandoon mo elmafroth ga3da tadreseen ?? :@

  3. good for u!
    9ij il weather ma yit6awaf 😉

  4. looool ur nephew tegra ur blog ? madre laisth i thought shes like 7yrs old 😛

  5. zaiin

    ana etifaqt with my cousin 5 pm

    dagait 3alaiha at 6

    NuNu wainich …
    belbait laish?
    we were supposed to go walking


    and so we didnt

  6. Your post motivated me to go out for a walk tonight. I know the weather’s gorgeous but I’ve been using it to hang out outside instead of doing something healthy 😉

  7. DanDooon: don’t walk alone… ilq8 9ayra t5ari3 hal ayam

    Anon: his reaction was a typical teenage boy’s reaction to his crazy aunts proposal… his exact words were “huh… r u ok?”

    Journal Entry: ee kilish ma yit6awaf! hope we keep it up though;p

    Zwena: he’s a boy.. laa smila 3alaih rayal his 14;p

    eshda3wa: I want to say its the thought that counts;p.. better luck next time though;p

    Zahra: yaaaay I love that I motivated you… enjoy staying healthy;p

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